Cartridge Bud Tank 500 mg Full Spectrum Extract by Viterra contains premium grade honey oil that is extracted using methods to preserve the complete natural terpene profiles, flavonoids, CBD, CBN, & THC. It hits you hard with THC results coming in at over 82% THC. Smoke, dab, and even cook with our oil. Each strain-specific Single Origin is designed for the true cannabis connoisseur. Each Single Origin is only available in extremely limited quantity. All Single Origin cartridges are made with 100% pure cannabis oil.

This cannabis oils are extracted using CO2 in order to preserve the purity of the oil Naturally-derived cannabis terpenes are also fractioned through refinement and re-added into the CO2 distillate. In other words, we extract the organic compounds found within the plants which give off their distinctive aroma and taste profiles, then add them to our extracted oil. The end result: a natural spectrum of flavor that shines through more than in any other form of cannabis consumption and a precise viscosity that maintains consistent vapor delivery.

*NOTE: This is just a cartridge, you need a vape pen to be able to connect it to so you can vape. See the options and buy +awesome vape pen Bud Tank by Viterra.

Bud Tank Vape Pen By Viterra

Bud Tank Vape Pen By Viterra is an attractive, modern vaporizer that lets you access your medicine anytime and anywhere. Designed to fit easily in your pocket or handbag and to give off a subtle scent, medicating on the go has never been easier! Bud Tank Vape Pen by Viterra is a brand you can trust no matter if you’re a veteran smoker or a new patient looking to break into the world of vaping. Simply plug in your favorite Viterra Pods cartridge and inhale!

Magnetical Structure, Integrated Mouthpiece and Sealing plug


Function Description
1. The device keeps in Standby Mode when it is not in use.
2. Blue LED turns on while smoking.
3. Blue LED flashes twice if smoking too long.
4. Blue LED keeps lighting for two seconds if short-circuit protection starts.
5. Keeps lighting during the charging process;
6. Blue LED flashes 20 times then turns off when charging complete


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