Space Monkey

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  • Jet Fuel Gelato


    Jet Fuel Gelato is the child of two legndary strains:

    Jet Fuel and Gelato. Its effects tend to be euphoric and uplifiting, leaving consumers both happy and still functional enough to get tasks completed.

    Imediately after smoking this powerhouse, users have described feeling a jolt of energy then leveling off into a dream-like euphoria. The effects are not the only thing that stands out about this strain.

    The flavor profile is also quite unique, combining the sweet, dessert-like taste of Gelato with the diesel aroma of Jet Fuel. This stand-out strain is sure to be remembered.

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  • Quam Space Monkey


    Space Monkey Meds Quam is a Hybrid strain that balances the best of both worlds.

    This fluffy cultivar is sticky with shiny trichomes and boasts a terpene profile ripe of blueberry, fuel and pine aromas.

    Quam is a one-hit-wonder strain, starting with an energetic, mental high that descends into a full-bodied body stone.

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